"Over hundreds of years, the literal has dominated the visual until today our eyes are forced to see in terms of words. My plea is that, as far as possible, pictures should be able to speak their own language."

- Ernst Haas, In America, 1975

"A good photograph can penetrate the subconscious - but only if it is allowed to speak for however much time it needs to get there."

- Ralph Gibson, Creative Camera, 1972

What's Going On Here?

One of the many great powers of photography is possibility to elevate the common and mundane to the beautiful and transcendent. This kind of transformation is my challenge and passion.

There is no agenda. I work only to create something beautiful. I will save any political or personal missions beyond simple creation of these works for other places and times.

For me, the most successful and arresting photographs are ones that evoke different reactions and feelings in different people. The juxtaposition of visual and emotional elements create a feeling of familiarity, remembrance and even nostalgia in the viewer. My images have a particular meaning for me. It is my wish that you find your own meaning in some of the images you find here.

My desire is to not only find interesting subjects and produce beautiful images but also to create beautiful photographs as objects in themselves. The physical presence of my works should be similar to hand-wrought ceramics, painting or sculpture. To accomplish this, I must find the finest materials and processes I can access. The subject, viewer, buyer and collector deserve nothing less.

*   *   *   *   *

I loved the idea of photography long before I grasped any concept of the technical or aesthetic rules of the medium. I just knew it was something I wanted to do. I am thankful to my parents for permitting me to indulge in my hobby and helped me by granting me access to books and materials on this means of expression. The years of passive and active study and work, amateur and paid, prepared me for the future I am living today. I will forever be grateful to them.

- Ward Rosin, November 2015


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